[Advaita-l] veda is eternal implies jnAnI returns as a seeker ?

Raghav Kumar raghavkumar00 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 09:16:25 CDT 2011

i am just spinning of a new thread on this.
the discussion so far -
> since the  vedas are eternal, they cannot be different in another kalpa ,
but then
> Janaka, a mukta in one kalpa, having to be born as a seeker/samsari in
> another and seek jnana through the same Yajnavalkya and attain 'abhayam'
> only to be born again in another kalpa and so on.

sri lalitAlAlitaH said - "therefore vedic should not be placed in history.
none of the mantra-dRShTR Rishis etc actually physically existed ever on
earth in mithila or magadha etc which about came later on."
we should note that the mImAmsakas did not have to deal with this question
of the jnAnI since for them sRiShTi is changeably eternal or perennial
(shAshvatam) and did not have a beginning either.
so do we have to necessarily accept that every single rishi mentioned in the
veda never physically existed ever on earth or elsewhere. Neither has
Mithila or Magadha any connection to geographical locales in bhAratavarsha ?

Any other alternatives ?


"Do you know "why" a cow has come to be? because it finds mention in the
veda. similarly every single entity which forms part of the cosmos had its
template in the Veda. that is the real ultimate cause for the manifestation
of any particular thing living or non-living even. this may be considered
analogous to the way DNA present even in the embryo is considered the
template encoding all the information for a complex fully-grown living
being. similarly the Veda mantras which are actually infinite in number, are
the master-plan or template for the universe in every kalpa past, present
and future. in that sense, the veda mantra itself unfolds and manifests
itself as a historical situation such as the vidvat-sadas of janaka and the
goings-on there in that situation. The Veda mantras mentioning "go" (cow)
had the power to make the creature called a cow emerge through some or the
other process of gradual manifestation. In other words the idea becomes
concrete through some possibly teleological process. (i.e., the end product
was as per a pre-existing design which evolution or some other
non-evolutionary process, (does not matter how) broought in to
In a particular kalpa, one small set of veda mantras is revealed from the
infinite knowledge-bank of Jagat-kAraNam brahma. In this manner even if the
situations are actually historical, there is no compromise and we can
continue to maitain that the vedas enjoy apaurusheyatvam etc., because **the
mantras preceded the situation**. But then is there not a problem whether
the same jnAnI will have to again enact the role of a seeker. No. Because,
another different set of mantras from the infinite, eternal bank of veda
mantras which sarvajna-Isvara has at his disposal, will unfold in the next
kalpa. the present set of actors do not represent the limit of the infinite
knowledge of Sarvajna-Ishvara."
(please also see shAstra-yonitvAt bhAshya of brahma-sUtra - where it says -
"when even sages like pANiNi can be seen to have much more knowledge than
what they actually demonstrated, what to speak of Ishvara who has ordained
this entire dispensation
of beings, classes etc to emerge. this can be seen in conjunction with the
idea that all "objects"  in the cosmos are nothing more than the names
representing them as in vAcArambhaNam vikAro nAmadheyam.h. there is no need
to look for any solid material to create this universe. the names are
enough. accordingly the veda is the eternal infinite repository of those
names, a small portion of which manifests in each kalpa.)

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