[Advaita-l] www.geocities.com/yajur.veda site, AhnikachandrikA and brahma-karma-samuchhaya

Ramakrishna Upadrasta uramakrishna at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 13:09:13 CDT 2011


The (now defunct website)
had some nicely formatted vedic sUktas in various scripts. I do have
the Rig Veda Suktas collection with me

As the site is not available anymore (because geocities has been shut
down), it would be useful for many students if the owner of the site
uploads the files to a new website.

Even otherwise, if someone has downloaded the above file in Telugu
script, I request them to please share it with me, as it will be
useful for a rig-veda student I know.

On this subject, rig vedins, or veda students in general, may like to
have a look at the following books from the famed Nirnaya Sagar Press,
whose scans I recently obtained.


(The second scan could have been better, notwithstanding the high
quality of the material within.)


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