[Advaita-l] Question on a shloka on Rudram

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Sat Aug 20 23:34:00 CDT 2011

asya = of the tree representing the deities.
Rudra is the root of this tree. All other deities have their origin in
Just as moistening the root nourishes the branches, pleasing Rudra
pleases all the devatas.


On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 1:32 AM, Krishna Subrahmanian <
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> Anybody who knows and has the time:
> vR^kshasya mUla sekena shAkA puShyanti vai yathA |
> shivE rudra japaath prIte, prItA evAsya devatAhA ||
> This is a generally quoted praise for Rudra Japa.  I understand most of the
> verse.  In this line what does "asya" exactly refer to i.e. kasya and what
> does it qualify?  I would have thought the word "anena" would have been used
> to say "by this (japa)" all devataas are pleased.
> Your help is appreciated.
> Regards,
> K
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