[Advaita-l] apaurusheyatva of veda-s

Gopal gopal.gopinath at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 10:26:50 CDT 2011

>Therefore the scientific laws and theories are on par with (as apaurusheya
as) the ideas and knowledge revealed by the vedic karma kAndam. Both are
useful, provisional and are subsequently seen to be not absolutely true.
How would that go !! .


There some concepts of 'knowing' in science and spirituality like induction,
intuition, revelations etc. Most of the scientific laws and rules came about
either by induction or intuition or, mostly, a combination of these two.
There are excellent works available online that explain these.     Vedic
knowledge etc. are in the realms of higher intuitive revelations.   Since
there is a hierarchy in these, vedic truths are  backward compatible but
the vice versa need not always be true.

It is intellectually stimulating, a hot and spicy 'garam seva' kind of
nerve-tingling snack to indulge in the investigation on these lines.
Unfortunately, objective investigations do not work like that.   Any kind of
inductive analysis starts with a hypothesis of some sort and goes on to
prove or disprove it.  But while comparing facts/realities of two entirely
different levels, it is dangerous to assume right away that one has the
final inference or knowledge about everything that is being compared..

For example, it is a good hypothesis   to start with the sentences cited
above.   If lucky, one whole life and if not many lives, need to be spend to
prove or disprove the hypothesis.  But to take the hypothesis itself, as
above, as the definitive conclusion is like choosing to be blind. Instead, "
if you carry the notion that Sruti might indeed be apaurusheya, it might be
useful" ,  is  a brilliant alternative for spiritual sanity.  This is from
my own life experiences.

what cannot be learned by mere induction or lower intuition (Lower Knowledge
or apara gnAna) is  VignAna.


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