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> Namaste Sriram ji
> Thank you for your explanation of the connection between gAyatrI and
> RtambharA prajnA. My doubt is that you have included "ordinary ...vedanta
> jnana" as inferior to the insight offered by the RtambharA prajnA. This is
> quite interesting. Could you elaborate on the difference between "ordinary
> vedantic jnana" and the deeper subtler jnanam born of RtambharA prajnA ? My
> personal view is that what you said makes perfect sense. But can we justify
> the idea of Patanjali's idea of RtambharA prajnA as being crucial in
> attaining to true mahavAkya jnAnam in the more orthodox vedantic tradition?
> Has any of the later Acharyas in the Shankara-paramparA also talked in a
> similar vein? (Given the fact that nirvikalpaka samadhi is not given such a
> great status in the vedantic tradition as in Yoga.)
> Thank you

In the context of mahaavaakya-s, it is the vivaraNa school that refutes
prasankhyAna vAda. However, I think this should be OK from the point of view
of bhAmati. Of these, vivaraNa emphasizes on shravaNa as the means and
bhamati emphasizes nididhyAsana - there comes the difference.  May be,
prasankhyAna vAdins can use something like R^itambhara pra~jna as their
defense, as it produces "shrutAnumAna pra~jnAbhyAm anya viShaya


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