[Advaita-l] Litmus tests for self-realization

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Software or hardware both are tuned to work on electrical energy which is 
having positive and negative features.If that is not so the machine language 
can not give the required out put.In the physiological body athma plays the 
part of electricity working the mind and through it the body.In a comp the 
gross works to create the subtle work through the software.Just my 
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Shree Rajaram PraNAms

Since I am no knowledge in that field, I am unqualified to answer the 
question that was posed. Let me be content with the wiring that Lord has 
already provided. As a side note, hard ware problems are one aspect, the 
soft ware problems are of different aspect, granted that soft ware should be 
compatible with the hardware, otherwise it would not work. The problem you 
are posing from my understanding comes under hardware problem while mind 
comes under software problem; I have a bigger problem right now how to 
convert Mac formatted ppt files into PC format without loosing Greek letters 
used in the scientific eqs. I presume those problems get multiplied if you 
try to fit in the old mind in the new wiring. Anyway I look for problems 
that has simple solutions - and, I am that I am, forms the most simplistic 
answer in the universe and I am contended with that without worrying about 
any other wiring problems that one may get into.
Hari Om!

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I am asking why it cant be just
neurological rewiring.
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