[Advaita-l] Ritambara Prajna

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Aug 19 02:12:57 CDT 2011

Just wanted to ask what is "apaursheyatva".  My idea of "apaursheyatva" is something like this:
Let us consider with the example 
"Newton's Law of Gravity".

The phenomena of Gravitation existed since times immemorial, 
also before the birth of Issac Newton and would exist in Future.

But it was Newton who "Observed" this phenomena when 
apple was falling down from the tree. And thus propounded 
the Law of Gravitation with the formula:

F = G x m1*m2/r*r

The apple might have fallen "n" number of times to 
reinforce the Law of Gravitation, but, went unnoticed by "ordinary" folks.

So, what needs to be observed is that Law of Gravitation 
"Exists" which is "apoursheya" and to express this Law, 
Newton used the syllables F,G,m1,m2 & r. 

On similar lines, the veda darshana.  The tattva behind the 
mantra darShana is "apaursheya" which is like Gravity Force. 
And the sabda heard / revealed is taken as a pramANa 
because this is the only source to be taken to know the
apaursheya jnana.  And hence, the sabda pramANa is
taken here as final authority. 
In fact it is this rtambhara prajna which as presented seems to be 
defective being based on personhood.
We cannot brush aside the sAstra based on the 
principle of apaurshetva / paursheyatva.  
Are we not taking Bhagavat Gita as the pramANa 
sAstra even though it is paurShEya. 
Infact, i find Yoga Sutras, a practical & useful guide in my sAdhana in
nirOdha of chittavritti, prANAyAma, dhyAna, dhAraNa etc. 
It emphasizes on praNava upAsana in the sUtra "tasya vAchakaH praNavaH".
// but to annhilate ajnana which allows svayamaprakasha 
jnana to shine forth.
Can you suggest any universal method of annihilating ajnana?
my point is it is orthogonal to whether one 
understands the shastra or not.
I take this with a pinch of salt.  
Even if one practices the yOga and eventhough he is 
half-way through in the current birth, in the next birth, 
he is born as yOga bhraShTa to continue
the sAdhana.  At least, this assurance is there in
What is such assurance in Sastra Adhyayana? 



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