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Namaste Sriram ji
Thank you for your explanation of the connection between gAyatrI and
RtambharA prajnA. My doubt is that you have included "ordinary ...vedanta
jnana" as inferior to the insight offered by the RtambharA prajnA. This is
quite interesting. Could you elaborate on the difference between "ordinary
vedantic jnana" and the deeper subtler jnanam born of RtambharA prajnA ? My
personal view is that what you said makes perfect sense. But can we justify
the idea of Patanjali's idea of RtambharA prajnA as being crucial in
attaining to true mahavAkya jnAnam in the more orthodox vedantic tradition?
Has any of the later Acharyas in the Shankara-paramparA also talked in a
similar vein? (Given the fact that nirvikalpaka samadhi is not given such a
great status in the vedantic tradition as in Yoga.)

Thank you
On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 11:47 AM, Venkata sriram P
<venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Namaste,
> It requires a pure & untainted intellect to understand
> sAstra pratipAdya tattva.
> This “untainted” intellect that is “free from perversions”
> which is capable of understanding cosmic law is
> called “ritaMbarA prajna”.
> Upasana of Gayatri Mantra bestows this “untainted”
> Intelligence and intuition that is free from
> perversions.  With the help of this “ritambarA prajna”,
> the sAdhaka moves ahead in the path of spirituality.
> One of the sUtrAs of Patanjali while describing
> this ritambarA prajna states that:
> “shrautAnumAnaprajnAbhyAM sAmAnya viShayA
> vishEShArthatvAt”
> With the help of this ritaMbarA prajna, the sAdhaka
> is able to grasp subtle aspects of the sAstra
> and is able to contemplate on the essence of the
> sAstra.   This ritaMbarA prajna (untainted
> intelligence free from perversions)  is
> more refined than ordinary intellect which is capable of penetrating
> into the divine secrets of nature and unravels the mysteries.
> This ritaMbarA prajna is highly superior than
> the “shruti” prajna  & “anumAna” prajna.
> Shruti prajna is related to ordinary vaidika /
> vedanta jnAna and anumAna is related to
> the nyAya.
> It is this ritaMbarA prajna which is
> instrumental in turning the sAdhakA’s
> mind “inwards” for introspection.
> and bestows “antarmukha sthiti”
> It is this “ritaMbarA prajnA”
> we are seeking from Mother Gayatri.
> These are the words of my guruji as well as
> a great gAyatri upAsaka & shatAvadhAni of
> Andhra Pradesh Brahmasri Veluri Sivarama Sastry.
> Regs,
> Sriram
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