[Advaita-l] Gayatri mantra - moderation request

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Aug 12 01:43:12 CDT 2011

Namaste Jaladharji,
I also request to moderate on bashings on madhva siddhanta & other faiths.   
Positive criticism is welcome but not pointing fingers against the great saints 
like Pujya Raghavendra Tirtha, Pujya Vyasaraya Tirtha, Shri Vedanta Desika etc.
They are great bhagavatottamas who had savikalpa samadhi.  Lord Balakrishna used
to give darshans before them and used to dance with His little anklets.  Shri Raghavendra
Tirtha used to play vina to which Krishna used to dance.  Shri Vedanta Desika
used to talk daily with Lord Venkatanatha.  Several are the divine lilas of Vyasaraya Tirtha
who was intrumental in prANa pratiShTa of "Shri Chakra Tirtha Anjaneya" at Hampi.  
At the backdrop of this idol, a very powerful ShaTkONa yantra of Hanuman sports.  
As regards the Bandarekeri Mutt, the senior swamigal of the mutt was a great Chandikopasaka.  Inspite of His madhva belief, swamigal used to perform Rudrabhisheka
to a small linga which he used to possess.  One of the asthana vidvans of Bandarekeri 
Mutt was Shri Pandurangachar Ji who was very close to my guruji.  He attained 
mantra siddhi in Chandi Navakshari Mula Mantra.  
It requires a special mention that one of the great madhva scholars in Andhra Pradesh
was Shri Ananda Tirtha Ji.  He was conferred the title "Mahamahopadhyaya" from 
Banaras Hindu University.   Once in Udipi, he talked extempore for 3 hours on the 
famous sukta from Rg Veda called "prANAgni sUkta" popularly known as "Balittha Sukta".
To his credit is a wonderful commentary on "Siva Sahasranama" that reverberates with
Sankara Advaita.  
My guruji's kavya & alamkara acharya was a srivaishnava by name Brahmasri Lakshmanacharya.   Shri Lakshmanacharya was a medha dakshinamurty upasaka 
and attained great spiritual heights in Dakshinamurty Upasana.  The day before his 
passing away, called his sons to prepare for his antyEShTi samskaras.  Next day
shed his mortal coil chanting "aghamarshana sukta" & "ashtakshari mantra". 
So, there are great & generous scholars in other faiths also.  Let there be more wisdom and less noise here......

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