[Advaita-l] the qualification to be an advaita guru

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And Bhaskarji - The truth is a path-less land is the famous quoted declaration of JK. In fact, that statement is true too; the infinite cannot have a path; is it not? - Nor a subject can be found by any means- that is also true; That is the reason why we need scriptures and a sampradaaya teacher to point out to us to see what cannot be seen or overlooked to see that is daringly obvious and as though masked by a vail of ignorance for us to see otherwise.
Just for a thought, before getting confused in terms of role(s) of bhakti and/or jnaana - reminds me of the sloka that ends -.... kRitvaa jnaanam swayam nasyat, jalam katakarenu vat|  
Krishna said - lokesmin dvidhaa niShTA... . where karma and jnaana are only specified - not bhakti separately, since it is the underlying principle in both. 
Just my 2cents!
Hari Om!

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>   If there is multiple roads to ultimate destination, then the
> shruti pronouncement 'nAnyaH panTha vidyateyanAya' needs to be read in
> some other way.

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