[Advaita-l] Why are we not liberated?

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 06:25:02 CDT 2011

It is true that realization is to realize that there is nothing to realize in terms of objectifyable thing but to drop the wrong notions about oneself and realize that I am nithya muktaH na baddhaH. It is realization that I am the missing tenth man that I am looking for all the time. 
There is a story of man with a necklace - perhaps thin US made necklace that is so thin that one cannot easily see. Anyway he was wearing the necklace that his wife gave and to show that off he went to visit his friend who lives four miles away. After showing off his new necklace and chit chatting for some time, he returned home and then discovered that he lost that necklace since he could not find it around his neck. He searched and searched and ran back to his friend to see if he has left it there. His friend could see clearly that the necklace is right there around his neck, but so thin that it is getting into the folds of the shirt and could not be seen. His friend told him seeker of the necklace is the possessor of the necklace and there is no need to search for it. After discovering it around his own neck, the seeker is very happy that he could recognize the necklace that has been there all the time even when he thought he lost and was
Now the question is - was that four miles of running necessary to find the necklace? If the answer either yes or no, it will have a problem. The correct answer is: The four miles of running was necessary to discover that the four miles of running was not necessary. This is the realization. The process of realization is necessary to discover that there is nothing to realize since I am nithya mukta swaruupaH and was never bound to start with. Until that realization come, I am serching for myself who is purNaH and hence ananda swaruupaH.
Hari Om!

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