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Dear Sri Srikanta,

I am intrigued by your explanation of Gayathri manthra, to say the least. kIndly send me the reference to your unique interpretation of some padaa-s of the mantra.
Also kindly explain, citing references to undo my ignorance, how you correlate 'hridaya' with  'yoni'.  Also Sri Ramana was not referring to anything extra (physical part or conceptual entity) in the Guha when he pointed to Heart as the abode of Self.   Based on your unique interpretation, I can't wait to see how you would explain 'prachodayaath'  although I am not holding my breadth.


Dear Sri Gopal
It is true that some words in the Gayatri mantra have significant meanings and that is Vedantic.Regarding the word 'hrudaya"it is not the Biological hrudaya but the 'hrudaya that has been referred to by the hrudaya in the statement "hrudaya kuhara"madhye(vide:conversations with Ramana) which is to the right of the heart,which is the centre of the body which we call the "atma".normally while referring to "Atma"we point to the place which is slightly below our chest.While taking food and performing 'parisheshanam",we chant "brahmamime amrtatvaya".The 'yoni'that you have refeered to is the source of light.Mundaka sruthi says'brahmayonim".In the 'Brahmasutra"there is a statement,"Sastra yonitvath".Therefore,the word"yoni'refers to the source.Mundaka further explains the ignorance(ajnana)is in one's heart,rather than in one's head.Mundaka sruthi says:
"bidhyate hrudayahgranthih cchidyante sarva samsayah!
kshiyante ca asya karmani tasmin drste paravare!!.
"The word 'prachodayath"is a prayer in earnest to that "Atma"which is also in the Sun God.The upanishath says,'yamaivesha vrunute tena eva labhyah,vivrunute tanum svam".

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