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Dear srikanta,
The following Mantra is from Ishavasya; Is it not?

dHiranmayena patrena sathyasyapihitam mukham!
Tattvam Pushan apavrunu Sathyadharmaya drstaye"!!

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> Namaste,
> ///
> That is why,Gayatri mantra says 'Diyoyonah Prachodayath".It is
> "diyoyoni"which is in every one's heart.as the Mundaka sruthi
> states'Nihitam Guhayam".Ramana also says "Hrdaya kuhara madhye".That is why
> skandan or Subramanya is given the name,"Guhan".Vishnushasranama
> chants,"gahano guhah".The B>g has a chapter,:"ajayoga Raja Guhya yoga".
> //
> What is "diyoyoni" ?
> regs,
> Sriram
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The word "Dhiyoyonah"is formed by two words,"Dhi+Yonah.The word "dhi"means
> "Light"or "tejas' or chaitanya
> emanating due to Knowledge or Jnana.That is "advaita jnana".The Gayatri
> mantra is a prayer to the Sun God.Here,the Sun God who is the source of
> light or Jnana is worshipped by the seeker.We say"asavadityo
> Brahma,brahmaiva ahamasmi"
> The Sun God is a symbol of jnana.In Advaita the microcosm is the
> macrocosm.But,we cannot see the "Atman"within us,due to our ignorance.This
> "dhiyoyoni"which in our heart is different from the biological yoni.This
> "dhi'which is in our heart has to be kindled or illuminated by the "all
> pervading'chaitanya or tejas every where.The mantra states:
> "Tat savitruvarenyam Bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyoyonah Prachodayath"
> Translating literally,this means "That rays of the (divine Sun
> God-Bharga)which is effulgent and superior(varenyam)which is light(that
> dispels darkness of ignorance)kindle or illuminate my heart(which is
> receiver of knowledge-jnana)."
> The same prayer is reflected in the "Mundakopanishath"sruthi":
> "Hiranmayena patrena sathyasyapihitam mukham!
> Tattvam Pushan apavrunu Sathyadharmaya drstaye"!!
> "The face of Truth is covered by the Golden orb
> He Pushan!(one of the names of Sun God,which gives light or dispels
> darkness)
> remove the cover so that the "Tattva"is revealed to me who yearns to see
> the Truth".
> This is a very important mantra in the "Ishavasyopanishath"and is to be
> studied with Shankara's commentary
> to clearly understand the purport.
> This is one of clues to point out that"Maya'covers the "Truth".
> n.Srikanta.
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Warm regards

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