[Advaita-l] Why are not we liberated?

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Wed Aug 10 07:27:59 CDT 2011

Vishyji PraNAms
It is simple, immediate and yet profound truth - The very subject seeker is the sought - The recognition of I am that what I am longing for takes clear understanding and constant shifting of attention from dissipating objectification process to that because of which even the objects are revealed or known. In the process all objects are recognized as vibhuuti of the Lord - Nay of myself. Iswara as though merged as Me - no paaramaarthika/vyaavahaarika differentiation. It is Me and my vibhuuti nothing else.
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Poojya swami Virajeshwara , once discussing these things said,  " as long as you (I) are there HE is not there, but once HE is there YOU are not there" so simple  but so beautiful it was. I took time to understand this too , but once I understood
rest  was so easy.

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