[Advaita-l] Gayatri Mantra.

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That is why,Gayatri mantra says 'Diyoyonah Prachodayath".It is "diyoyoni"which is in every one's heart.as the Mundaka sruthi states'Nihitam Guhayam".Ramana also says "Hrdaya kuhara madhye".That is why skandan or Subramanya is given the name,"Guhan".Vishnushasranama chants,"gahano guhah".The B>g has a chapter,:"ajayoga Raja Guhya yoga".

What is "diyoyoni" ?  

The word "Dhiyoyonah"is formed by two words,"Dhi+Yonah.The word "dhi"means "Light"or "tejas' or chaitanya 
emanating due to Knowledge or Jnana.That is "advaita jnana".The Gayatri mantra is a prayer to the Sun God.Here,the Sun God who is the source of light or Jnana is worshipped by the seeker.We say"asavadityo Brahma,brahmaiva ahamasmi"
The Sun God is a symbol of jnana.In Advaita the microcosm is the macrocosm.But,we cannot see the "Atman"within us,due to our ignorance.This "dhiyoyoni"which in our heart is different from the biological yoni.This "dhi'which is in our heart has to be kindled or illuminated by the "all pervading'chaitanya or tejas every where.The mantra states:
"Tat savitruvarenyam Bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyoyonah Prachodayath"
Translating literally,this means "That rays of the (divine Sun God-Bharga)which is effulgent and superior(varenyam)which is light(that dispels darkness of ignorance)kindle or illuminate my heart(which is receiver of knowledge-jnana)."
The same prayer is reflected in the "Mundakopanishath"sruthi":
"Hiranmayena patrena sathyasyapihitam mukham!
Tattvam Pushan apavrunu Sathyadharmaya drstaye"!!
"The face of Truth is covered by the Golden orb
He Pushan!(one of the names of Sun God,which gives light or dispels darkness)
remove the cover so that the "Tattva"is revealed to me who yearns to see the Truth".
This is a very important mantra in the "Ishavasyopanishath"and is to be studied with Shankara's commentary
to clearly understand the purport.
This is one of clues to point out that"Maya'covers the "Truth".

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