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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Mon Aug 8 03:46:43 CDT 2011

Once the cause, nature and effects of samsara are determined the process
for eliminating the cause becomes possible.  Sadhana becomes relevant. 
of the shAstra becomes meaningful.

Hare Krishna

I do agree with the above statements.  But practicals of  life stares at 
mundane saMsAri-s like me always without giving any  room for any sort of 
compromises and sacrifices in the sAmsArik front.  Yes, I do agree  that 
cause of my saMsAra is avidyA, nature of this avidyA is bandha and effect 
is suffering in rAga-dvesha. But all these data is just like another 
material or technical data in my mind...I know the 'information' that 
saMsAra is avidyAtmaka, there is janana-maraNa punarAvrutti rahita mOksha 
etc. just like  I know what transaction codes I have to use to work in SAP 
modules & what modalities I have to use to keep my family members 
satisfied !!  IMO, there is no much difference in  these different datas 
in my mind compartment as all these 'information'  have same degree of 
usage at different point of time in my daily life.  I know what type of 
terminologies I have to use while talking vedAnta & what to be used in 
office, home, cricket ground, party functions, with friends etc.    I 
think me the lip service vedAnti is master in balancing both RAMA & KAMA 
and always ready to justify my deeds by saying 'runaway' from  saMsAra is 
not required, physical renunciation is not required,  only thing  is we 
have to mentally  renounce everything &  we have to be there in saMsAra 
like water on the lotus leaf (padma patra ivambhasa) etc.etc.  But 
unfortunately, despite all these 'useful' data in our mind and with all 
these excuses & explanations we are knowingly or unknowingly engaging in 
that same saMsAra and enjoying sometimes & suffering most of the times 
:-)) I sincerely think, the REAL & serious  sAdhana with the 'teekshNata' 
(intensity) & ( ananyA chinta)  for the mOksha  is miserably lacking in 
the sAdhana of most of the saMsAri-s like us. I dont know how many of us 
ready to straightaway leave our saMsAra when bhagavan appeared and offered 
us instantaneous mOksha :-))   I dont know when we are going to get that 
REAL vairAgya to do any meaningful sAdhana. 

Just thinking aloud!!

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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