[Advaita-l] Chidabhasa and Ishwara

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A gentle pointer to other readers. There is no savaraNadeergha sandhi here. While grammar is not out of bounds on this list, I hope incorrect grammar would be avoided. Panini does not favour descriptive lables like savarNadeergha sandhi, but many pandits say there is something called a saralaadeSasandhi at work here. The names differ across regions, but the effect remains the same: the parusha 't' of chit gets replaced by the sarala 'd'.
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>This is with reference to the meaning of the word "Chidabhasa".The word is made of two words,Chth+abhasa.It is called Savarna dirgha sandhi.Actually the word  chith means "Mind".Abhasa means not reflection but "distortion" or "aberration",which means it looks as if it is "reflected"or "distorted".
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