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> With reference to the above,It is said in this list by some that giving
> jnana also is under the governance of Ishwara.then,that means Ishwara is
> partial to some and not partial to some.

RV:  Isvara is impartial to everyone. But He rewards individuals according
to their past karma (daiva netrena). Otherwise, there will be no difference
in the fortunes of people. And if Isvara does not know our actions and
reward accordingly, actions themselves will be fruitless because there will
no one to know who did what. Though He is impartial, He does say that a
jnani-bhakta is most dear to Him. He uses the very terms "me priya:) (dear
to Me) in 12.15 to 20.
Which means it is completely under his "Suzerainty".Like the present day
leaders and politicians,or offices,only if one grease his palm he will
give.That is too bad.should some one appoint a "Lokpal"or "Lokayukta"to
check on Ishwara?
RV: In BG 11.54, Sankara says that "A servant does work for a master but
does not accept the master as the supreme to be attained even after death
but a devotee who works for the Lord accepts the Lord as the Supreme goal".
A devotee does work for the Lord and accepts Him as the Supreme goal. He is
the Lord whether you like Him or not. And He does set criteria for who can
get what and we have to trust His impartiality. Like the PM, He will exclude
Himself from the Lokpal and in His case, rightly so because He is
transcendent to right or wrong.

In the Brahmasutra it is clearly stated that "Ishwara has no Vaishamya or
Nairgrnya".He does not have Hate or partial.
In the Bhagawadgita also it is stated":
"Na datte kasyacit paapam na chaiva suhrtam vibhuh
Ajnanenavrtam Jnanam tena muhyati(ajnanena) jantavah!!"
The delusion is by the "Jiva"himself.That means Ishwara has no likes or
RV: He is beyond likes and dislikes but He considers His jnani-bhakta dear
because of identity.

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