[Advaita-l] Acharya Shankara and U.V.Velukudi Krishnan

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 09:03:52 CDT 2011

> Not only Dvaithins even Visishtadvaithins seem to hold scant respect for
> our Acharya Sri Bhagavadpathal.If you listen to the CD of Sri U.V.Velukudi
> Krishnan Swamigal containing his discourses on Sri Vishnu Sahasranama you
> will notice this.Especially about Saguna and Nirguna Brahman.My view is that
> this kind of lowering the image of the Acharya by the
> Dvaithins/Visishtadvaithins is only due to their ignorance in understanding
> the Acharya`s grasp of the sayings of Sruthi as it is and not as it should
> be.If you read the Bhashyams-Parasara Bhattar for example- of the others
> they will add some a to note a negativity to substantiate their view point
> and do  padha chedham to suit their  vyakyanam according to Visishtadvaithic
> view point.Better to leave them alone.
> R.Krishnamoorthy.
If you listen to Velukudi,it will be monotonous with no stuff.He doesnot have knowledge of his own Acharya.Shankara's Vishnushasranama Bhashya is the oldest and the first among other bhashyas including Parasara Bhatta Bhashya.Shankara's Bhashya contains not only word by word traslation,but also explanation of the words,and origin of those words,substantiated by Vedantic interpretation.Parasara Bhatta's bhashya is without these interpretations,it reads like a mere slokah.Uv.Velukudi's expalanation is even more insipid.I donot know why they are telecasting his monotonous rhetorics.

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