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Sri Subrahmanian had perhaps forgotten to reply and when prompted sent a
reply to me individually. If no one disagrees, I will take it as the
official position.

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> Can you please respond to this?
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>> RV: Here the upanishadic verse quoted in Sankara Bhashya explicitly says
>> that all names and forms are in the Nirguna Brahman. It would be better to
>> ascertain what Sankara says in his commentary to this particular upanishadic
>> verse instead of correlating with BG 9.4 and 5, which are with respect to
>> material world and bodies not Lord's names and forms.
It is not the Lord's names and forms that forms part of Brahman in that
Upanishadic mantra.  In the final analysis, all the material worlds and the
bodies are merely names and forms with their substance being Brahman.  In
other words,. Brahman alone appears as those very many names and forms.
 That is what is called vivarta.

>    I say this because in one place Kanchi Mahaperiyava, considered a
>> stalwart advaitin by many, says that Nirguna Brahman is devoid of qualities
>> does not mean it is nothing but that every thing is present in it as itself!
This is exactly what is meant by vivarta.

>    My veda teacher, Late Sri Sundararama Ganapatigal, associated with
>> Sringeri Mutt, said "Krishna is present as Brahman. Krishna's form is
>> present as long as time exists and you exist" There was an example given by
>> my mother, of course she did not know the source, that white light is devoid
>> of particularities of red, blue and green and we say it is not red, not blue
>> and not green. But through a prism it manifest all of them. Llike that
>> Nirguna Brahman is not any of the particular saguna form but through maya He
>> manifests all of them.
> This is very rightly said.


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