[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Mon Aug 1 07:00:23 CDT 2011

Hare Krishna

RV: If Madhwa scholars come together and issue a joint public statement
> rejecting the abusive comments against Sankara, I will agree that there 
is a
> genuine change of heart at a group level. They will not because Madhwa
> himself calls Sankara and Ramanuja as demons. 

bhaskar :

Fortunately, Sri Subbu prabhuji is meeting all 'good' madhva-s who are 
open and ready to think in a new channel.  But for me, unfortunately, 
madhva-s whoever I met sofar, are quite stubborn and never ready to 'turn' 
their eyes  to atleast have an amicable look at advaita vedanta :-)) They 
say, "bring anything under the name of advaita, I will prove it wrong" 
:-))  And you are right in your observation that 'accepting advaita as a 
vedAntic school' is not an official memorandum in dvaita school.  OTOH, 
trend is that almost 99.99 percent of dvaita vedAntins ( who are familiar 
with shAstra grantha-s & their Acharyas' works) are in no mood to concede 
anything in favour of advaita. 

Ramanuja attributes advaita to
> anadi evil and darkness in the heart of its proponents.  Even recently, 
> Madhwa wrote to me inviting me to debate on my position on Mani Manjari! 
> accepted the invite after pinching myself to see if I am in twenty first
> century because I can book the opponent under Indian Penal Code Section 
> (A). It is needless to add that he did not pursue it.

bhaskar :

I did not get this??  Penal code??  why, invitation to debate is an 
offence in internet??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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