[Advaita-l] Is Brahman saguNa or nirguNa or aguNa?

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I know that you know. It is only for those who are looking for the shastra pramANa.

About your comments:

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That which is worshiped is not brahman - if it is so what about nirguNa
which is worshiped as aham ? So, that also is not brahman !!!

KS: Yes indeed - if one objectifies Brahman for worship. NirguNa cannot be worshiped. It has to be understood. Hence Shankara says brahmaatmaika bodhena mokshaH sidhyati na anyathaa. 
Neither Brahman can be objectified nor aatma can be objectified. Hence it is clear understanding of tat tvam asi. The devotee and deity become one in this ultimate bhakti.

Since you are familiar, no further response is needed from me.

Hari Om!

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