[Advaita-l] Is Brahman saguNa or nirguNa or aguNa?

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> PraNAms
> Shastra says -This that you worship is not Brahman- in kena.
> tat eva brahma tvam viddhi, nedam yat idam upaasate!
> That is Brahman and this that you worship.

No problem. I already supported it. But if you want it to be tested, let me
ask some questions ?
That which is worshiped is not brahman - if it is so what about nirguNa
which is worshiped as aham ? So, that also is not brahman !!!

>  Scriptures repeat this five times to insure that it is not some thing that
> any sense can perceive but that because of which the senses have the
> capacity to perceive - that which is neither known nor unknown etc.

Thing perceived by senses is not brahman. OK. I don't think any one is able
to say that he sees saguNa too. If you say that we perceive him by shabda
then it is also true for nirguNa.

> PrakRiti is triguNaatmikam - that manifests as bhuumi raapo.. .. etc and
> apareyam .. is my higher nature - says Krishna. That Brahman is beyond
> prakRiti which has Gunas. He is nirguNa since he transcends the prakRiti.
> All worships fall in the realm of prakRiti since it involves kaaya vaacaa
> manasaa and indriyaas.

 Even shravaNa, manan, etc. are similar in that case.

> To take the student beyond the lower prakRit only Shruti says - it is not
> this that you worship is Brahman. To appreciate this teaching only one needs
> a chitta suddhi - says Shankara in his commentary on B.Sutra 1.

Every teacher says  same thing about his teachings.

I'm talking in this way because without providing proof you are just
repeating words. This is not enough for any opponent.

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