[Advaita-l] Is Brahman saguNa or nirguNa or aguNa?

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>> For those whose minds are attached to the unmanifested, impersonal
>> feature of the Supreme, advancement is very troublesome. To make
>> progress in that discipline is always difficult for those who are
>> embodied.'
>> Question- If Akshara Nirguna Brahman is so difficult to worship and
>> full of troubles it is easy to worship Saguna Brahman and get the same
>> Moksha. If there are two paths one difficult and one easy what is the
>> use of the difficult path?
> Namaste.
> Every path is 'easy' for the one who is adequately prepared for treading
> it.  Every path is 'difficult' for the one who is not adequately trained to
> take it up.  In Vedanta worship of saguNa Brahman, considered relatively
> easier, is aimed at training one to eventually graduate to take up the
> sadhana of nirguNa Brahman which alone can confer liberation. Where here or
> by going to Brahmaloka, this nirguNa vidyA is indispensable for moksha.
> Moksha through saguNa Brahma sadhana is not denied but what is reminded is
> that it leads to moksha 'through' nirguNa sadhana and never otherwise.  The
> use of the difficult path is to eventually take one to liberation.  One
> reaches that difficult path only through walking the earlier relatively
> easier path.  It should also not be wrongly thought that saguNa brahma
> upAsana is all that easy.  Enormous difficulty is faced by those who do not
> have the adequate love, bhakti, for the upaasya and where there is not
> adequate vairagya for upAsyaanya prApanchika vastu.

But the Prapatti Principle propagated by Visishtadvaitis is looking
easy than Nirguna Brahma worship. In Markata Nyaya of Vadagalais the
Bhakta is a like a baby monkey holding his mother the God. The mother
will carry the baby monkey safely. In Marjara Nyaya of Tengalais the
Bhakta's contribution is zero. He is like a baby kitten. God the
mother cat will carry him in her mouth.  He is not  holding her or
doing anything. He will get directly transported to Vaikuntha that is
Moksha.  The baby monkey also gets transported like that to Moksha.

Kindly provide reference from Sruti where Nirguna Brahman only can
confer liberation but not Saguna Brahman.



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