[Advaita-l] Is Brahman saguNa or nirguNa or aguNa?

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> But I think the scriptural quote was requested for the statement that
> vedanta says graduation from saguNa to nirguNa will happen.

No. Not wholly true.
This is what V. Subrahmanian said :-
*In Vedanta, worship of saguNa Brahman, considered relatively easier, [and]
is aimed at training one to eventually graduate to take up the sadhana of
nirguNa Brahman which alone can confer liberation.*
I was confined to first part of statement, i.e., worship of saguna is
The second part needs some other evidences. And I don't support it as it
will mean that upAsana is not meant for devatA-prasAda or fulfillment of
So, what you said is better than that.

The general conclusion is that both these are for different adhikArins. The
> liberation process is also different sadyomukti/kramamukti.

 Yes. But they can occur in same place too, as in madhusUdana-saraswatI,etc.

However, upAsanA, done for citta-ekAgratA, can start with mUrti, progress
> thro pratimA/linga to avyakta(formless) as one advances in concentration.

If you mean upAsanA is meant for concentration only, you are doing the same
mistake, i.e., saying without and against evidences.
Is there any difference between mUrti and pratimA ?

> This can happen only for one whose lakShya is nirguna and cannot be
> generalised that all will graduate from saguNa to nirguNa.

Appears OK. Any detail or evidence ?

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