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> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 16:14, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> > such a person is compared with thief “yathaa hi choraH sa tathaa hi
> > buddha” who deserves to be punished.
> >
> > praNAms
> > Hare Krishna
> >
> > Being a (mediocre) follower of vaidika dharma, I do agree bauddha matha
> is
> > a nAstika mata and has to be a discarded philosophy.  But I dont think
> > they are deserved to be called thieves and need punishment !!
> Why they are called thieves ?
> see what TIkAs say:-
> 1. tilaka-TIkA:-
> vedaprAmANyApahartR^itvena teShAmapi choratvat.
> 2. bhUShaNa-TIkA:-
> yathA hi choraH prajAnAm bAhyam dhanamapaharati, tathA
> kevalabuddhivAdaratopi janAnAmuttamasaMskArAdirUpamAnatar. dhanamapaharati.
> Why they need to be punished ?
> because they are thieves. Is anything wrong in punishing those who pollute
> society and character ? Also, punishment is given by rAjA. For brAhmins,
> etc. it is said to keep distance from those people.
>  When it
> > comes to observance of shishtAchAra (moral & ethical values),
> > dharmAcharaNa, ahimsAcharaNa, shAnti, sahana etc. traditional monks from
> > baudha & jain schools never drop back and lose the race with vaidika
> > dharma followers.


The above reminds one of a somewhat similar reference to 'taskarAH'
(thieves) in the MaitrAyaNi UpaniShad:

// atha j~nAnopasargAH  |  rAjan.h mohajAlasyaishha vai yoniryad.h

    asvargaiH saha svargyA Ashlishhyanti  | ... atha ye chAnye ha

    mithyAtarkaiH dR^ishhTAntaiH kuhakendrajAlaiH vaidikeshhu

    paristhAtumichchhanti taiH saha na saMvaset.h  |

    prAkAshyabhUta vai te *taskarA *asvargyA ityevaM hi Aha --

    nairAtmyavAdakuhakairmithyAdR^ishhTAntahetubhiH  |

    bhrAmya.Nlloko na jAnAti vedavidyAntaraM tu yat.h  ||

    Now, the obstacles to knowledge: O King, this web of delusion has

    its origin in that the pious associate with the impious... these,

    and others who, with illusory logic (or: logic claiming to show

    illusion and illustrations, wish to insert themselves among

    Vaidika-s -- do not abide with them.  They are indeed daylight

    robbers, and are un-heavenly, for that alone it is stated:

    On account of the web of illusory examples and logic of the

    doctrine that holds that there is nothing concerning the Atman,

    the world wanders about not knowing the higher, true essence of

    the Vedas.//

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