[Advaita-l] Can a mithyA-vastu produce an effect? असत्यवस्तुनः

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How about this theory...
Having known that all the ornaments are made up of Gold and start viewing 
the ornaments as "golden" ring, "golden" necklace, "golden" bracelet etc.  When the
ajnAna is bhAva rUpa, this is how the jnAni visualizes.  Even though, he appears to
see but doesn't see; appears to listen but doesn't listen blah blah....
Afterall, it is "sarvaM khalu IDAM brahma" and the word IDAM implies kArya brahma
(ref. ahaM & idaM). 
Sriramji - PraNAms

Yes as long as BMI is there, the perception of duality continues. ajnaani takes that real while jnaani looks at it and recognizes that it is only apparent but the substantive truth of this apparent duality is ekam eva advitiiyam - one without a second - Brahman. 

Hence jnaani has the vision of the plurality but also understanding of the oneness of the apparent plurality - aitadaatyma idagam sarvam tat satyam - tat tvam asi. The substantive of all this idam sarvam is the sat only that you are - is the teaching. 

>From Brahman point there is no jnaani or ajnaani either. It is ekam eva advitiiyam.

Hari Om!

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