[Advaita-l] Saguna and Nirguna Sruti

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Tue Apr 26 22:38:59 CDT 2011


> Kindly explain what is this Apaccheda Nyaya?
>>  I dont know anything in detail about this nyAya..I vaguely remember
> read about this in Sri SSS Kannada commentary on Sri bhAshya of rAmAnuja.
> Does jaimuni talks about it in his sUtra-s??  In short, we can keep some
> statement/concepts in-hold for further clarification, and this
> clarification would supersede the statement/concept which has been held
> earlier.  Not sure of this explanation myself, you can always check with
> scholars in this list.

But there is one more Nyaya known as Utsarga Apavada Nyaya.  There is
a Sruti saying a Pashu can be killed for Yajna. One more Sruti saying
animals must not be killed. The second Sruti means the animals can be
killed in Yajnas like the first Sruti is saying. But other animals
must not be killed. This is coming from Mimamsa.

> This is the problem. Why Saguna Sruti for Upasana only? Vedanta Desika
> thinks it can be for Moksha directly.
>>  upAsana also would fetch the krama mukti and upAsaka would reach the
> hiraNyagarbha lOka & finally after 'mahA pralaya' he would get the
> ultimate brahma jnAna.
> The Sruti can teach Neti Neti means Doshas and Gunas not in Saguna Sruti
> are not there.
>>   did not get you!!??  shruti says neti neti is the 'highest' teaching,
> it does not say brahma is dOsha varjita & guNa pUrna while exclaiming
> "yato vAcho nivartante aprApya manasa saha" !!??

But where is Sruti saying Brahman does not have Divine Gunas like
Power and Omnisicience. Where is Nirguna Sruti denying Gunas of Saguna

> Asthula can be Brahman is Sukshma and inside everything indwelling in
> everything.
>>  No here shruti saying it is neither gross (astUla) nor subtle/sUkshma
> (anaNu)
> This means Brahman has no wordly Gunas we see daily in life. It has Divine
> Gunas only.
>>  So, this makes brahman limited & he is restricted himself only to
> divine guNa-s..That is the reason why we say he is sOpAdhika, guNapUrNa,
> apara brahma.

But the divine Gunas are not limited Gunas. They are unlimited. God
has unlimited Power has unlimited Knowledge unlimited Size unlimited

One method to not put limitations on Brahman is Nirguna with no Gunas.
If there are no Gunas there cannot be limitations for them. But
another method is there. Brahman has unlimited Gunas. We cannot
imagine unlimited Gunas but God will have unlimited Gunas.  He has no



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