[Advaita-l] apara-brahma = praNava

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Dear Srinivas
// you have equated praNava with apara brahma //
The poet visualizes the entire brahmasutra as "sabda brahma swarupa" and
hence with reverence extolls the same as the form of apara (sabda) brahma (vAk).  
This is the motto behind the worship of Devi that preside over the sAstrAs. 
This Brahma Sutra is also called Bhikshu Sutras because the adhikAri to study
Brahma Sutra is Yati (Sanyasi).  Even Panini also refers to Brahma Sutra as Bhikshu Sutras in his Ashtadhyayi.
// pArAsharyashilAlibhyAM bhikShu-naTana sUtrayOH //
So, the yati dharma is to study Brahma Sutra and sabda brahma anusandhAna.
The poet envisions the entire 4 adhyayas of BS as brahmavidyApratipAdaka and
also as brahmavidyAswarUpa.  
When asked my guruji about this, his answered to the sutra in the following way:
//anAvrittiH sabdAt //
AvrittAt implies AvrittyA upAsitAt sabdAt (praNavarUpAt) -
AvartanEna kritAt praNavOpAsanAt upAsakasya anAvrittiH - punaHsaMsAraprApyabhAvaH - mOkShaH siddhyati 
As the bhikshu sutras are not for mandAdhikArIs, Acharya Bhagavatpada
installed Sarada in all 4 mutts for saguNa upAsana and it needs a special mention
that Mother Sarada is extolled in the Mutt as brahmavidyAswarupiNi & 
Shri Abhinava Vidya Tirth was mysteriously guided by Mother Sarada in Srividya &
shaTchakra bhEdana.  Infact, Mother Sarada guided Swamigal in His yoga abhyAsa
of kuNDalini prabOdhana and used to explain Swamigal about each & every chakra
from mUlAdhAra to sahasrAra when Kundalini used to pierce those chakrAs.  
Eventually, this sAdhana culminated in the final union of Siva-Sakti at Sahasrara.  
During certain moments, Shri Chandrasekhara Bharati used to closely observe and ask 
about the different visions when Kundalini raised and used to approve His spiritual progress.
Such is the guiding force of Mother Sarada in Sringeri Pitha and even today She is 
very much alive......
My prostrations to the holy Mother Sarada and to the illustrious lineage of Sringeri...

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