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>   Otherwise if there is one more thing other than God like
> Prakruti of Dvaitis and Maya of Advaitis there will be a problem.

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It has been pointed out several times before that Maya or prakRti in Vedanta
is only a deliberate superimposition, adhyAropa.  The purpose of this
adhyAropa by the shAstra is only to 'explain' the perceived
duality/multiplicity and provide a framework for sadhana and liberation.
Hence prakRti cannot be counted as a 'second' entity apart from Brahman.  It
does not have an existence, sattA, of its own; it has to depend on Brahman
even for its existence.  The 'lower prakRti' of Brahman is only a viShaya
depending upon Brahman the Consciousness entity for proving its sattA.
However, the 'higher prakRti' is not so dependent.  It is sva-prakAsha.

Any number of 'unreals' will not make Brahman sa-dviteeya.  One cannot add
any amount of dream earnings to one's waking earnings and declare an
accumulated wealth. Brahman will never become sadviteeya just because
Vedanta posits a mAyA/prakRti temporarily. PrakRti will not be 'one more
thing'; it is 'no thing', Brahman being the sole substantial Reality.

Here is an article that demonstrates the status of mAyA/avidyA in


I think we have discussed this thread enough and can take up other topics.


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