[Advaita-l] Srimath Hariharapura

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Apr 18 01:33:07 CDT 2011

Dear Subbuji,
As all seekers, from all sects, agree it is the individual who has to strive
for his own upliftment.  Any organization where humans are involved will
have issues that flare up and assume dreadful proportions and fights and
court cases are the outcomes
Misunderstandings & fights are due to immature levels of understanding 
that my sampradaya is the "only" genuine one and my guru is the 
"only" realized person.  
My guruji's vyakarana sastra teacher was Pujya Lakshmanacharya who 
was a vaishnavaite.  My guruji also learnt madhva siddhanta from a 
great scholar by name Pujya Pandurangachar who was a madhva scholar
at Bandarekeri Mutt.  
Pujya Lakshmanacharya, though a hardcore Srivaishnava, was a 
Medha Dakshinamurty Upasaka and attained highest spiritual state
in Dakshinamurty Upasana so much so that during the last stages
of His life, most of the sastra granthas He used to just have a cursory 
glance and used to give references from them later on while teaching
to his students.  He attained a rare siddhi called "Ritambara Prajna"
through the upasana of Medha Dakshinamurty.
Shri Pandurangachar, though a madhva by birth and faith, performed 
Siva Panchayatana daily without fail and not a single day passed
without Devi Sapthasathi Parayana.  He attained a rare siddhi
in Navakshari Mula Mantra and handed over a siddha samputa 
sapthasathi mantra to my guruji.  
The differences are at lower level only.  Once one attains spiritual maturity
and upasana bala, the motto of such spiritual gaints is "vasudhaika kutumbakam".

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