[Advaita-l] Brahman alone appears as jiva-jagat-Ishwara - some more references

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 17 11:15:48 CDT 2011

Last year, I wrote:


Now, a question arises. If Brahman, in association with mAyA, is thus the
source of
the world, can both Brahman and mAyA be held to the material cause of the
Brahman is the vivarta-kAraNa while mAyA is the pariNAmi-kAraNa. The
world has mAyA as the material cause but Brahman as the transfigurative
material cause.
The crucial difference between vivarta-kAraNa and pariNAmi-kAraNa is that
cause and the effect belong to the same level of reality in the case of
wheras the cause and the effect belong to different levels of reality in the
case of the
vivarta-kAraNa. mAyA, the pariNAmi kAraNa of the world has the same level of
ie. vyAvahArika satya, as the world. The world and mAyA have empirical
But, Brahman, the vivarta-kAraNa, and the effect, the world, are not of the
same level of
reality. The world is vyAvahArika satya and Brahman pAramArthika satya. Just
as the
illusory snake is superimposed on the rope, the world is superimposed on
Brahman. Here,
the superimposed snake is illusory while the rope is empirical, again
the principle of different orders of reality.


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