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Shree Guruprasad - PraNAms
Shree Subbuji has addressed your question. But just for curiosity, what is the litmus test or certification that a person is enlightened? Does it depends on number of followers. Can someone else know that Mr. X has realized or not? How? 
yogaratova bhogaratova sangaratova sanghavihiinaH|
yadyat brahmani ramate chittam nandati nandati nadatyeva|- says Shankara
How can one evaluate and make a judgment on where the mind of the other person is! -when the understanding is everything is nothing but Brahman that I am - when arpanam, laddle, is also understood as Brahman (brahmaarpanam brahma haviH..)
It is an understanding than any exhibition of siddhis which common masses admire. We have lot of mahaatmaas with Siddhis - can you make a statement whether they are realized or not? 
In the final analysis, it is safer to evaluate oneself and try to understand the nature of the truth.
It is important to assume that your teacher is realized to have proper sraddha in the teaching. Nothing else is required and meaningfull too. 
Hari OM!

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Can Any body answer these questions....

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