[Advaita-l] Brahman alone appears as jiva-jagat-Ishwara - some more references

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> श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः
> ‘यथोर्णनाभिः सृजते गृह्‌णते च’ – ‘YathornanãbhiH srujate gruhnate cha’
> (Mundaka Upanishad: 1/1/7). Urnanãbhi means a spider. O disciple! Just like
> a spider creates threads and makes a web, and when it desires it swallows it
> back, in the same way creation is made from Aksharam.
> The overall Bhashya for this mantra by Shankara is:
> यथा एते दृष्टान्ताः विलक्षणं सलक्षणं च निमित्तान्तर-अनपेक्षाद्यथोक्तलक्षणात्
> अक्षरात् सम्भवति समुत्पद्यत इह संसारमण्डले विश्वं समस्तं जगत् ।
> //Just as it is in these cases, so from the Imperishable, of the foregoing
> characteristics, that does not depend on any other auxiliary, originates
> here in this phenomenal creation the entire Universe.//
> The conclusion:
> *
>   - *
>   The Bhagavatam teaches that both the nimitta kAraNam and the upAdAna
>   kaaraNam are the Self/Atman/Brahman alone.
>   *
>   - *The creator and the created happen/s to be One entity, the Atman.*
>   - *As if to emphasize the above idea, the BhAgavatam verse goes on to
>   explicitly mention that the sustainer-sustained duality and the
>   dissolver-dissolved duality is also none other than this One entity, Atman.
>   *
>   - *That confirms the (mAnDUkya)Vedantic/Advaitic teaching that Brahman
>   alone appears as jiva/jagat/Ishwara triad.*
>   - *This is explicitly brought out by the next verse of the BhAgavatam.
>   From a 'different' Atman a 'different' phenomenon is impossible to be
>   proved.  This statement specifically negates the pancha bheda-s: jiva-jiva
>   bheda, jiva-Ishwara bheda, jiva-jaDa bheda, jaDa-jaDa bheda and jaDa-Ishwara
>   bheda.  Everything, Ishwara, jiva/s, jaDa (jagat) is only an appearance
>   created by Brahman/Atman.*
>   - *The GaudapAda kArikA-s and the ShAnkara BhAshyam thereon too prove the
>   above BhAgavata/Veda-VyAsa/Vedanta siddhAnta.*
>   - *The original article titled 'Brahman alone appears as
>   jiva-jagat-Ishwara' may be accessed here:
>   http://adbhutam.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/brahman-alone-appears-as-jiva-jagat-and-ishwara/
>   *
> *
>  ऒम् तत् सत्

There are more Srutis like Yato Va Imani Bhutani Jayante given by
Visishtadvaitis. They also accept Brahma is both Upadana and Nimitta
of Jagat.  But the Dvaitis do not accept this. Brahma cannot be
Upadana but he can be Nimitta only. In Brahma Sutra Sastra Yonitvat
the Sastra is not the Upadana of Brahman though it is called Yoni. It
means God is known through Sruti. Like this in this Mundaka Sruti
Vakya 'Yada Pashya Pashyate Rukmavarnam Kartaram Isham  Purusham
Brahmayonim'. Brahman is not the material cause Upadana. He is Nimitta
Karana only.

Any comments from Advaiti side?



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