[Advaita-l] Taittiriya Upanishad question

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Namaste Sri Sriram

On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:11 AM, Venkata sriram P
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> Namaste,
> ///
> He will not do any Adharmic act. In case he does it we should not
> follow. Like Krishna had fun with Gopees. Rama had only one wife. We
> can follow Rama to have fun with legal wife only. We must not follow
> Krishna and search for fun with some cowherd girls. We take only
> Dharmic examples.
> //
> The 5 chapters in Bhagavata Purana that describe the Rasalila
> is called “Rasa Panchadhyayi”.
> Traditional Acharyas do the regular parayana of “Rasa Panchadhyayi”
> To get rid off the kAma-vAsanAs.
> Sridhara Swami who wrote a gloss on Bhagavata Purana advices us to
> recite these 5 chapters daily to ward off “hrid-rOga” ie., kAma-vAncha
> & kAma vAsanAs.
> Hence, the statements that “Krishna had fun with gopis” shows
> the lack of understanding the sAstra properly and moreover
> the statements like this is blasphemous against the Gitacharya.
> The study of Vedanta without saguna bhakti leads to the above
> Statements.
> No more to this thread.
> Regs,
> Sriram

If it appears as I criticised Krishna Paramatma I am sorry. But it was
not my intention. Krishna can do many impossible things like playing
with many Gopis and having 16000 wives and a lot of children.  But we
cannot imitate him. Rama had one wife. We can follow him. This is the
point. I do Krishna Nama Japa everyday because in Sandhyavandana we
say Sri Krishnaya Namaha in the Achamana.



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