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Humble sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Sri vidya prabhuji :

Again, the bhAshya comments at the end of the AnandavallI and bhRguvallI
have to be read carefully, for both vallI-shave the statement "asmAl lokAt
pretya," both vallI-s talk of saMkramaNa as an event in time and in both
places, Sankara bhagavatpAda makes his analysis very clear. Also read
bhAshya on the Sloka "asann eva sa bhavati" in the context of the
AnandamayatmA in taittirIyopanishat.

bhaskar :

yesterday I was this bhAshya bhAga and read Sri SSS's Kannada commentary 
also..But I am not able to corelate this bhAshya vAkya with krama-mukti 
prabhuji.  Here it has been said that shruti enumerates the pancha kOsha-s 
invented by avidyA beginning with annamayAtma and goes on to explain other 
kosha-s like by saying there is another self, prANamaya which is different 
from made up of food etc.  And at the end it teaches the innermost brahman 
itself as the tail of Anandamaya thus by passing beyond all the selves 
superimposed (adhyArOpita) by avidyA.  And finally it concludes brahman 
alone is the one and uniform (sa ekaH)in all and says that the wise one 
who realizes it as the true self of even that AnandamayAtma 
(etamaanandamayamAtmAnamupasaMkrAmati Tai.Up.-2-8).  Here shankara 
clarifies in his bhAshya : therefore saMkramaNaM is NOT attaining, nor is 
it the act of any one of (pancha kOsha-s) beginning with annamayAtma.  And 
so as the only alternative left over, we have to take it that 
'saMkramaNa'is the act of that which is other than the paNcha kOsha-s 
beginning with annamaya and ending with Anandamaya and it is ONLY 
knowledge that is meant by the term saMkraMaNaM.  By the statement that 
saMkraMaNa is an act of the self apart from pancha kOsha-s, IMO, it is 
intended that one who realizes the one self unconditioned by any kOsha--s 
is verily brahman.  I failed to see here the process of krama-mukti 
prabhuji..am I missing anything here?? pls. clarify.

Sri Vidya prabhuji :

Finally, bhAshya at end of sUtra 1.1.19 and sUtra-s 3.3.11-13. These are 
about upAsana/dhyAna vis-a-vis jnAna.

bhaskar :

Referred the anandAdhikaraNa in sUtra bhAshya & jneya brahma jnAna is 
vastu tantra and upAsya brahma jnAna in upAsana and dhyAna is purusha 
tantra..IMHO, krama-mukti is possible only in upAsya brahma upAsana & 
dhyAna.  shankara talks more about dhyAna/upAsana in tattnu samanvayAt and 
phalAdhyAya as well..

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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