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Hare Krishna

We must be intelligent to find out who is genuine. Otherwise we will
fall into a trap. 

>  yes, you are right, we must be intelligent and use our intelligence to 
test the person before accepting him/her as 'guru'.  That is what Narendra 
did, he tested whether paramahamsa really relinquish the 'kAma & kAnchANa' 
or it is mere words at the tip of the tongue !!

What example you have for Jnani doing bad work in the name of Prarabdha? 

>  actually I dont have anything, because I am a firm believer that jnAni 
is nothing but personification of paramArtha jnAna and he is brahman...bad 
work examples by jnAni given here by some to float their pet theory i.e. 
jnAni's rAga-dvesha, ahaMkAra-mamakAra etc.  I am just questioning those 
'bad work' examples :-))

One example Kashyapa but there are many other Jnanis like Hanuman. 

>  for that matter even kashyapa's episode too not to prove jnAni's 'bad 
karma'...but this episode suffered badly due to 'bad example' to prove 
jnAni's rAga-dvesha & maithunecche.

They never did bad things like Kashyapa. Why don't you look at them? Why 
are you looking at Kashyapa only? That
also he did  once only. Not many times.

> dont this explanation give us the impression that jnAni can do heinous 
act one time and it can be pardonable??  If the jnAni is allowed to do one 
wicked act, why should we, the ajnAni-s be punished for our wicked acts?? 
Atleast we should have two chance no :-))  BTW, jnAni never ever indulges 
himself in dharma bAhira & shAstra nishidda acts. 

Your logic is not correct. If we do like that we are foolish. We must not 
cheat our own Atma like that.

>  no, it is not a cheating, it is a normal human tendency to find out 
excuses!! jnAni's questionable activity gives us the room to justify our 
deeds in the name of prArabdha!!  The justification goes like this, see 
due to prArabdha karma phala, we have this deha indriya ahaMkAra etc. and 
as long as this prArabdha janita upAdhi-s are there we are bound to suffer 
from rAga-dvesha and when this 'unavoidable' is true to even brahma jnAni 
and he too suffers from rAga-dvesha, prArabdha karma phala is more 
powerful than jnAna, so due to this karma phala anyway we have to suffer 
and sometime without our knowledge we may engage in wicked activities for 
which we donot have any control because it is due to our prArabdha!! and 
this prArabdha karma does not spare even brahma jnAni & where is the 
question of we, the ordinary mortals overcome it!!

He will not do any Adharmic act. 

>  yes that is what my contention too..

In case he does it we should not follow. 

>  the question of 'in case' does not arise at all in a brahmanishTa, if 
he does any adharmic act then he is not paramArtha jnAni or his avidyA is 
not completely eradicated. 

Like Krishna had fun with Gopees. Rama had only one wife. We can follow 
Rama to have fun with legal wife only. We must not follow Krishna and 
search for fun with some cowherd girls. We take only Dharmic examples.

>  I think you are having some serious misconception about krishna's rAsa 
leela...Anyway, we will take this issue separately later. 

But if a Sthita Prajna makes some mistake  we must not follow his mistake 
like sheep.

>  A sthita prajna is always a sthitha prajna it is not an oscillating 
state to remain tranquil sometime and act mischevously sometime. A 
wobbling mind is not a sign of sthitha prajna/jnAni as explained in the 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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