[Advaita-l] Taittiriya Upanishad question

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> The Jnani need not and will not entertain bhoktRtva.  Shankara has
> clarified this in that famous statement: pUrvasiddha
> kartRtva-bhoktRtva-viparItam hi akartRtva-abhoktRtvasvarUpam brahma aham
> asmi....This is the realization of the Jnani.  Yet, there can be kartRtva
> and bhoktRtva for the mind-body owing to prArabdha.
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> katrutva and bhOktrutva buddhi can be entertained only by  sentient with
> upAdhi saMbandha!! ...I am not able to understand your statement that jnAni
> does not have katrutva & bhOktrutva but his body and mind would have it!!!
> do these upAdhi-s have notion of katrutva & bhOktrutva on its own!!??  And
> what exactly is the jeeva svarUpa here which is devoid of body & mind
> (upAdhi-s) to conclude jIva who realized and become jnAni is akatru &
> abhOktru but his upAdhi-s having these bhAva-s??
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar


The Jnani has to ability to use the 'I' with respect to the nirupAdhika
Atman when for example he contemplates: Shivo'ham.  He can and does also use
the 'I' to refer to all his loukika vyavahara like 'I will attend the
function', 'I shall soon come for meals', 'I have a headache', 'My son is
going abroad'.  etc. keeping the body-mind apparatus, sopAdhika, in view.
This has been explicitly clarified by Swami Vidyaranya in the Panchadashi.
Bhagavatpada too has made this clear in the Br.Up.1.4.10 bhashya where He
says that since the present body / mind of the Jnani is a product of past
karma that has had rAga-dveSha for its basis, the rest of the life of that
Jnani in this body will be lived out with just that much rAga-dveSha *that
is required *to exhaust the prArabdha.  I have quoted the exact lines of the
Bhashya several times here and in the other forum.  He might like to do
something and refrain from doing something.  The Jnani can shift from the
kartA-bhoktA mode of the mind to the akartA-abhoktA truth of the Self as and
when required in vyavahAra/paramAtma chintanam.


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