[Advaita-l] Chitrahuti (fwd)

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Apr 6 11:32:18 CDT 2011

Dear Bhaskarji,
anantAvai vEdAH is the popular statement. The more we try to learn about the
dharma sUkShmAs & rituals, more sinners we become (if we don't follow 
those rituals even after knowing dharma).
BTW, the sadAchAra of skAndapurANa do mention about the annabali to pitrus,
yama, chitra, chitragupta etc.  
The basic bhOjana niyama is to wear dharbha grass in the ring finger and consume
the bhOjana by facing east or north.
Sadachara says that "dadhyAjaTarakuNDAgnau darbhapANiH prasannadhIH".
Now,why darbha should be worn?  Again the sadAchAra answers this because
by wearing the darbha one is freed from the dosha of accidental presence of
kEsha (hair) , kITaka (insects) in the food while cooking by ladies. 
Now, how many are following the above procedure of bhOjana vidhi? 
Right from dantadhAvana (brushing of teeth) till shayana (retiring to bed), every 
activity should be performed with veda mantrAs.  There is a dantadhAvana mantra
where Indra & Soma are invoked to be present in mouth for danta shuddhi.  Then follows
mukha mArjana mantra.  Then achamana followed by prAtaH snAna vidhi which is again
an elaborate ritual of mrittika sukta, aghamarshana sukta pArAyaNa.  
And rest of the brAhmaNa vidhIs, i need not explain.  So, If we know the dharma and yet do not perform it, it is a dosha on our part. 
So, let us be happy with colgate brush, closeup tooth paste, morning cofee, 
breakfast, buffet lunch at office caffetaria followed by business dinners with boss !!!
Hence, ignorance is bliss :)) 

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