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Re: [Advaita-l] madhyamam/madhyamam

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> . gain ,on the offensive.Is this a forum for discussing religious topics
> for interaction or a forum for assault?If some thing has to be said
> just for the heck of it,hold it there!

I'm trying to be neutral and even-handed in this response:

You've been at this thread for a while now, repeating your arguments
again and again. However, in my opinion, you have yet to convince
anyone. If you are well versed in vyAkaraNa, I would say that your
presentation and communication skills need serious work -- because I
(and others) are totally unable to understand your points. You might
be a vyAkaraNa shiromaNi, but your posts come across as being devoid
of basic vyAkaraNa knowledge.

Please keep this in mind before you respond -- writing another massive
missive in your current style will not help matters. You need to find
a different approach. The current one isn't working, and it is
frustrating to see the massive communication gap. If I were alone in
my predicament, I would remain quiet. However, every other participant
in this thread seems to be having the same problem.



I also try to be reserved to reply to such mails whioch comes once in a blue moon,without participating in throwing new light upon such topics.The subscribers to this list nned to keep track of the discussion on the topics,without throwing stones once in a while.If what I am saying is not convoincing,what I say is that come out with a convincing reply.Instead of calling names as Vyakarana shiromani(you are only showing that by affixing as "bhavadiyah"as a sanskrit shiromani).
If you are unable to discuss or even less understand the topics,you can refrain from writing.That is all I can advise you.Is it a compulsion to reply to my mails?

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