[Advaita-l] WIN & LOSS

KAMESWARARAO MULA kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in
Sat Apr 2 07:56:42 CDT 2011

Dear Friends,
                            Today morning when I saw the news paper Time of 
India in the speaking tree article, i saw an intesresting one and I thought I 
should share some of it with all of you.

Win and loss are a part of life and they are the two sides of the same coin. 
They come together in cycles and neither is permanent. Today's victory is 
tomarrows or yesterdays loss and today's loser will be the champions of next 
year or the next. When we are fully aware of this and we continue to crave for 
win and live in the assumption of loss, although we know that one is invariably 
followed with passga of TIME, by the other.

    The feeling of happiness and Joy that any win brings is a thought process 
and enjoyed by our ego. Our inner consciouness/self knows neither win or loss is 
true. The soul/atma is beyond the nature of duality, 
Winner has respect for loser because wihtout loser, winner does not exsist.
If somebody's win at some one's cost, It is only a partical Victory.

According to swami vivekananda, " Don't allow the giver feel proud because he 
can give only when there exsists a reciever. 

For the donor, it is fortunate that he finds a taker.
I mean to say, (please excuse me if I cross in my wording and saying that)
Today the world knows about Ramakrishna due to Vivekanandna only. I am not 
questioning Ramakrishna's exsistance or integrity, Today people rember both of 
them after somany years  just because Ramakrishna taught his teachnings to 
vivekananda (Receiver). 

That is why Vivekanada said that the receiver should always stand erect during 
the act of giving and taking.

May thisKHARA nama New Year brings all happiness, prosperity, Healthy Long life 
to all of you.

With regards

Don't give up.....
Good things happen when you least expect them to !!! 

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