[Advaita-l] vishayananda & brahmananda

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Sat Apr 2 01:06:47 CDT 2011

Namaste Dear Murty,
> Those who adore and worship with all devotion
> The third incarnation which is worshipped by gods
> Will be honoured in the heaven, Vaikunthaloka
> They get delightful divine robes and all the comforts
> The heavenly servants provide cool breeze with chamaras
> Divine damsels will hug them and provide the charms of embrace.

The above signs indicate that if vishayAnanda is so pleasurable, how blissful be the brahmAnanda?  These descriptions indicate the milestones that we are just nearer to nirvAsana mahAmauna sthiti.  Just a little extra effort in sAdhana, the beautiful damsel called brahmAnanda would wed you.  This is moksha-sAmrAjya lakshmi.  
Similar words were used by Acharya Sankara in Saundaryalahari saying that if the upAsaka performs the mantra japa of thy mula mantra that has kAmarAja kUta, the beautiful damsels of indra loka like rambha, urvasi & menaka would run after those upAsakas out of madana kShObha.  
Is this the Heart of Sankara who was a sanyAsi?  Certainly not.  
We have to take it in other sense.  
When the celestial beings are running after you, it implies that the Great Queen has blessed you with Her Blissful Gesture.  Refer the mantra of srisukta:
asvapUrvAm rathamadhyAM hastinAda prabOdhinIm ....
Sri is extolled here amidst the beautiful chariot run by celestial horses and heavenly elephants.  
We have to look "beyond" these seemingly material prosperity and should strive for mOkSha sAmrAjya lakShmi.  This is the purport.  
This is the sAstra rahasya.  
If we have to get beautiful damsels, food, embrace of apsarasAs in vaikunta, why the hell should be starve & fast on ekAdasi, should perform sandhya vandana, should observe shaucha niyamAs, should observe sadAchAra & brahmacharya on this earth.  
Is our ekadasi fasts, brahmacharya, sadachara, devatarchana etc. only to get embraces of damsels, good food in Vaikunta?
Just think over it.  Food for thought....

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