[Advaita-l] Does the Brahman know.

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Fri Nov 26 23:59:57 CST 2010

In the Agama prakarana of the Gaudapada karikas on Mandukyopanishad,the
karika 12,states:
"Natmanam na param caiva na satyam napi canrtam!
Prajnah kincana samvetti Turyam tat sarvadrk sada!!"Karika -12,of Agama
The Prajna is not aware of either itself or the other,neither Truth nor
the false(non-truth),but,the Turiya always is all-knowing(sarvadrk)

Here,Shankara comments,the Prajna like the vishva and Taijasa is not aware
of the duality(Dwaita)being born out of the seed of nescience(avidya)which
is "vilakshana".But, it is engulfed and bound  by the darkness which is
the cause of nonperception of the "Tatva".

Since there is no other principle other than the "Turiya",it  always
abides in "Self-Awareness".in it there is no seed of non-grasping of the
"Tatva",nor the grasping of the false born out of it.Or,in the states of
"Jagrt"(waking) and "svapna",dwelling in all the beings,it is the
"Turiya"which sees everything.

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