[Advaita-l] Does the Brahman know?

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Fri Nov 26 04:09:00 CST 2010

About Turiya they say Kevalam Asti Iti Vaktum Sakyam. We can say only
It is. Knowing something is only at Vyavahara level because there
should be knower and known thing. In Turiya Avastha there is only One
thing There is no knower and no known thing also. There is nothing to
know. Any comments?


Then how do we know that the Turiya is?There is no evidence.Vyavahara also
comes only with respect to "grahya-grahaka"Vyavaharika level.If in the
Turiya avastha there is only one thing ,there is no knower and no known
thing also,then what is it that knows the existence or the presence of

It must be the mind which comes to know about the Turiya.That is why
Gaudapada calls this the "Asparsha Yoga",which is the Yoga of non-touch.
If there is nothing to know,then "Turiya"also will not exist,for there is
no evidence,apart from sruthi text.

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