[Advaita-l] Jnana-karma samuccaya.

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Hare Krishna

The above observation does not portray the view of Shankaracharya and

>  Yes, but there are some in the name of shankara saMpradAya propagating 
theories like this to prove their point!!

In fact the stated observation, undoubtedly in bad taste,

>  this is due to bad examples of kasyapa prajApati & paramahaMsa to prove 
jnAni's kAma & krOdha

is aimed at mocking the Acharyas of Advaita Sampradaya like Shankara and

>  OTOH, this is an attempt to silence the 'socalled' saMpradAyavAdins who 
are unhesitatingly advocating bhAshya viruddha slogans like jnAni's kAma, 

No 'questionable' activity of a Brahmajnanai has been granted
'acceptance' by Shankaracharya or Sureshwaracharya.

>  Yes, but unfortunately examples of kashyapa, ramaNa, rAmakrishna, 
shankara bhagavatpAda, rAma, Krishna etc. given to show us jnAni's 
attachment to BMI-s & his kAmAdi dOsha-s...I dont say it is in bad taste, 
I would say it is utter non-sense, better to be nipped in bud.

Shankara has also explicitly said while commenting on a Br.Up.mantra that
the Jnani, who has the firm conviction that giving room for desire etc. is
the cause of samsara and all the evils thereof, will never give room for
these in his vyvahara.

>  But earlier song of the proponents of jnAni's kAma-krOdha was entirely 
in different tune !! There have been statements floating freely in this 
list that in 'vyavahAra' jnAni due to his prArabdha continue to have 
avidyA lesha and as a result he would have kAma, krOdha, coz. of this he 
may sometime weep, shows anger, indulges in questionable activity but with 
a 'detachment' feeling etc. I dont know how people so oblivious to their 
own statement so early!!!

Thus, in the Shankara sampradaya there is no room for the erroneous 
that the Jnani will indulge in 'questionable activities'. 

>  Very true, that is the reason why we are appealing to the  'socalled' 
modern day cybernet saMpradAyavAdins to not to read too much in jnAni's 
mundane day to day activities to paste him the labels of kAma & krOdha.

Also, the phrase 'prArabdha janita dehendriya manObuddhi ahaMkAra' is a 
product of wrong
understanding of the Vedanta system. In Vedanta, for every jiva, whether
jnani or ajnani, the body-mind-intellect-ahankara-apparatus is a result of
prarabadha only. 

> yes, but why we are talking particularly about jnAni's prArabdha janita 
BMI's is coz. the subject matter is itself jnAni's BMI & kAma & 
krOdha..And when jnAni realizes that sashareeratvam is kevala avidyaka 
there is no question of his having avidyaka shareera..shankara clarifies 
this jnAni-s ashareeratvaM beautifully in tattusamanvayaat sUtra bhAshya. 
atra ihaiva pradeepanirvANavat sarva bandha upashamAt brahma samashnute, 
brahmaiva bhavati ityarthaH clarifies shankara elsewhere.  When the jnAni 
realizes that his svarUpa is 'nitya ashareeratvaM' where can we bring him 
BMI to say he is paricchinna chaitanya in a particular BMI complex!!??

This particular apparatus remains till the end of this particular set of 
prArabdha karma. 

>  tasmAt mithyApratyaya nimittatvAt sashareeratvasya siddhaM, without 
shareera you cannot think of karma phala..jnAni does not have shareera at 
any point of time coz. he is brahman now here itself 'na shareera 
pAtOttarakAlaM' insists shankara..if somebody says jnAni is shareeri it is 
as good as saying brahman is shareeri otherwise they have to separately 
show us ashareeratvam of  brahman/Atman somewhere else aloof from jnAni's 
realization or else they have to accept that ashareeratvam is kevala 
theoritical reality:-))

Atma Jnana does not destroy this apparatus. 

>  yes, but it shows that jnAni was/is/will always be ashareeri even 
though we, the ajnAni-s seeing the 'living' sashareeri jnAni.

And most importantly, prarabdha will not bring about any 'new' body-mind 
apparatus so as to qualify it by the term 'prArabdha janita'.Thus there is 
no room in Vedanta shastra for the adjective praarabdha-janita to be used 
in the case of the Jnani in particular.  Shankara makes this point clear 
through the words: ' *Therefore knowledge cannot stop that, for they are 
not contradictory' (as quoted above)*

> very limited & narrow reading & nitpicking without understanding the 

What this portion of the commentary means is this:  Atma jnana is the 
virodhi of mUlAvidyA alone and not of the already begun body-mind 

>  whatever has the beginning has to meet an end...jnAni realizes that he 
is NOT in that at any point of time and it is in HIM...

Nor should it be wrongly concluded that the cases of Veda Vyasa fathering
the sons of Vichitraveerya's widows or Kashyapa Prajapati uniting with his
wife Diti in the sandhyAkAla, etc. are 'violations' of dharma on their

>  these examples have been given to prove that jnAni has kAma krOdha and 
due to prArabdha & external forces he may sometimes errs!!  it is better 
to read the original kashyapa example & in which context it is given..

Nor is it a case of their behaving that way a result of kAma. 

>  again, singing the song differently at the convenience...

This observation: //.As an example : we call kashyapa brahma's acceptance 
to his
wife's untimely  demands as an occassional vipareeta pratyaya of the
jnAni//  does not find approval  in Vedanta. 

>  yes, but the socalled sampradAvavAdins comfortably & conveniently 
giving these type of examples to prove jnAni's BMI & his kAmAdi dOsha-s..

Nobody in the sampradaya 'calls Kashyapa Prajapati's case as 'occasional 
vipareeta pratyaya'.

>  Yes, again this is the contribution of modern day saMpradAyavAdins to 
the cybernet world !!

These instances have been picked out and shown ONLY with a view to 
that the body-mind apparatus of a Jnani will not disappear upon Atmajnana

>  I bow to the intelligence of this saMpradAya vAdins who dared to show 
us the examples of saNdhyAkAla mithuna to prove jnAni-s BMI !!

as those outside the sampradaya have concluded.

>  it is better to remain outside this saMpradAya and saMpradAyavAdins who 
openly gives moot examples to prove their point and call it as bonafide 
shankara saMpradAya...I dont know when they would realize & comeout from 
their illusionary insipid perception..

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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