[Advaita-l] Jnana-karma samuccaya.

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Bhaskarji - PraNAms

This is not a - now a days - problem- It is age-old problem with Ravana setting one example, and Indra setting another in wooing Ahalaya. Hence Shankara says in  Bhajagovindam

jaTilomunDii lunchita keShaH
kaaShaayambara bahukRita veShaH|
pasyannapicana pasyati mooDho
hRidaya nimittam hahukRita veShaH||

Holy men are sanyaasiis (at least mentally) but not all sanyaasiis maybe holy men. But who are we to judge when we cannot evaluate our own minds how are we going to evaluate others. 

Ultimately everyone is accountable to their actions if there is kartRitva bhaava- He is responsible, why should we take the judgment seat and brand some holy and some unholy. In both, Lord says I am indwelling in everyone hearts and I am the one who residing in all beings govern the physiological functiona - as viashvaanaraH. 

Bhaskarji the best approach for our own good is take all this as His Vibhuuti and in the process the holiness in us gets expressed without unholy judgmental parts covering the holyness.  In the drama of Life, everything has its role. Just stand apart and enjoy the beauty that is permeating in every one and everywhere. 

There is Tyaagaraja song in Telugu - chiimalo, brahmalo, shivakeshavaadulao ..  In the little ant crawling on the floor, in the four-headed Brahma, in Lord Shiva and Lord Keshava - the essence is the same thing. The very recognition makes us Holy. Let us become Holy than worry about others holiness or unholiness - Let us certify since we cannot evaluate others mental state. Why should we take the role of a judge unasked. Let us appreciate His vibhuuti and his Virat swaruupam where both good and bad are paying their roles in the drama of life. Just a friendly suggestion.

Hari Om!

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> If the holymen are doing for
> "Lokakalyana",it is good.But,now a days we
> see swamijis building Empires,moving around in Luxurious
> cars and having
> lot of wealth which in no way helping the poor.We also see
> many holymen
> doing all sorts of gimmicks to hoodwink the people,fooling
> them robbing
> them!

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