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Namaste Sri Subrahmanian

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 1:01 PM, V Subrahmanian
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> If we see the distinction in the roles of a Jnani and Ishwara, we will have
> no conflict as the one you have voiced.  The Jnani who remains in society,
> amidst people, will be doing all that is required for dharma rakshana and
> dharma vardhana.  His upadesham by formal discourses and actions by
> participation in innumerable activities like homas, kumbhAbhiShekam,
> pratiShTha, installing new Mutts, etc. all are directed at dharma rakshanam
> which is indeed Ishwara kAryam.  An advaitin never views attainment of Jnana
> is something that puts the Jnani above Ishwara.  It is only the Jnani that
> is by nature completely indrawn, like Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Swamiji of
> Sringeri, that would withdraw from actions to a great extent.  But, even in
> His case, the quantum of work done for dharma sthApanam, rakshaNam and
> vardhanam  is immense.  In such people's case, it is nothing but Ishwara's
> work that is being done.  You may feel assured that there is no room in
> sampradaya Advaita for the apprehension you have expressed above.

But the Swamijis participation in Pujas, Homa activities means these
Karma are good for society. No Swamiji said stop doing Puja because
you are Brahman Tatvamasi. No Swamiji said stop doing Homa because you
are Brahman.  No Swamiji said if you want Moksha Purushartha stop
doing Karma . It is correct the activities are needed for Advaita
Sadhana. But they must be done with Isvara Arpana Bhava.

> The term 'samucchaya' is a technical one and Shri Sastri ji has clearly
> brought out its implications.  The Jnani's engaging in karma aimed at dharma
> rakshanam is clearly out of the purview of 'samucchaya'.

The technical argument against Jnana Karma Samuccaya is only
theoretical but not practical. Practically there is a Samuccaya of
Nishkama Karma and Jnana Sadhana. Adi Sankara said Karma cannot be
combined with Jnana. But this Karma is not Nishkama Karma but done
with Aham Karta Aham Bhokta Bhava. In Nishkama Karma as Isvara Arpana
only there is no Aham Karta Aham Bhokta Bhava.  The doer does not feel
he is doing Karma. Samuccaya of Nishkama Karma and Jnana is not only
possible but very beneficial very much needed.

Request you to kindly consider this position.



> Regards,
> subrahmanian.v
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