[Advaita-l] Question on Mayavada

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Nov 22 00:11:57 CST 2010

A verse in the Padma Purana,"Mayavadam asatcastam praccanna bauddham
isyate!mayaiva kathitam devi kalau brahmana rupina!!.
This verse has given rise to many controversies in the past,as an argument
against "Shankaracharya",who is branded as a "Praccanna Bauddha",a "crypto
Buddhist,or a "Buddhist under cover".A verse before this says,"Mayavadam
asatsastram mayaiva kathitam devi kalau Buddha rupina".
The above verse is said to be by the God Shiva,to his consort Parvathi.
Gautamathe Buddha has also been branded as the one who was deluded by the
'Asuri sampat",and instructed his disciples differently,in various
ways,contradicting one another in such a way that they also become
deluded!.In the Bhagawadgita also there are verses which condemn Buddhism.
SriKrihna says,"Svadharme nidhanam shreyah,Paradharmo bhayavahah",when
Arjuna pleads that he will take sanyasa,by abandoning his arms.
Asuri sampat has been associated with the Charvaka siddhanta."Asurim
yonimapanna,mudha janmani janmani".

It is said that Acharya Shankara took birth only to correct the position
of Buddhism,and give a theistic explanation.
The interpolation must have been done by mischief by the later Vaishnava
commentators.And also,it is not found in all the copies of the
Regards,                                                    N.Srikanta.

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