[Advaita-l] Mithya from the Vyavaharika Level

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Nov 18 06:51:36 CST 2010

'mithya' means apparent reality only from vyavahArika level only. This
is because vyavaharika allows you to have duality of 'sat', 'asat' and
'mithya' categories. These categories does not exist at all from
Brahman's pAramArthika frame of reference. From pAramarthika, it is
only 'sat' not even the definition of 'sat' let alone the categories
of sat-mithya-asat. Otherwise (if you allow mithya category to persist
from pAramartha) you will loose non-duality (advaita hAna).

Therefore, you must say Ishvara is mithya from vyavahArika level,
however once you have realized there is no such thing as 'mithya' and
what to speak of an entity Iswara who is mithya?

Therefore at the end, as per strict Advaitic position, Iswara does not
exist at all from Brahmn's perspective.

It is what you are saying is a fallacy,not mine.From the Paramarthika
level only it is mithya.otherwise the seeker will know it as real.You have
not understood my point.What I said was the false "rajaha"will become
false only from the point of realisation it is really a shell(Shukthi),and
not a rajatha.Or a snake is rope after realisation that it is not a snake.

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