[Advaita-l] Question on Mayavada

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Dear Rajaramji,

I am sorry I stopped after replying to Shri Devanathan's point  and did not go to your point in the last para . You are right in what you said. Adi Sankara also said that Bhaktayrtha kalpitam Dvaita Advaitadapi sundaram. It is for this very reason that Hanuman kept in abeyance the acceptance of  lord Rama's offer for the Sayyukta mukti. He said that he wanted to enjoy taking the name of Lord Rama for more time. However there is a subtle difference. Hanuman had the Jnana and achieved the entitlement or elligibility (hope some learned member  would give me a better word to express this point) for the Sayyukta mukti. Bhakti is not a scheme to go near God.  It is the real love of the devotee  for God. Like Hanuman decided in favour of remaining separate from God for some time so also a bhakta may get an opportunity to decide and take the option he or she likes.


Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sri Devanathan, this is regarding your post that Padma Purana
verse refers to Vishishtadvaita. Someone held the opinion that it
refers to Saiva siddhanta. Then I had to point out that that just few
verses before Padmapurana gives a separate treatment of saiva
siddhanta. In the same way, your historico-logical postulation is
invalid because of verses that follow. They specify unique
characteristics of Sankaradvaita such as total renounciation and
jiva-brahma aikyam. These do not apply to Vishishtadvaitam. Also,
Sankara is Lord Siva. There is no sastric or historic basis for your
speculation that Bodhayana is.

Sri Subrahmanian and Sri Vidyasankar say that these verses are
interpolations. I don't know how they discard sastras like that
without evidence. In your case, you are finding a target for these
verses away from your beloved school of thought.

IMO, we should sincerely search for truth. If Isvara, Jiva and Jagat
are unreal ultimately according to Sankara, then it is mayavadam. Such
a philosophy is an obstacle to bhakti because of the knowledge that
only till we live that we will devote and that too only for his
anugraha for mukti. One may get mukti but will lose Isvara, who is
greater because he awards mukti and importantly laughs and dances
eternally with muktas as stated in sastras.

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